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Services For Individuals

I work with individuals and families in all stages of life, offering a wide range of financial and insurance services, including:

Financial Planning

At its simplest, financial planning refers to the process of making appropriate decisions concerning one’s assets in order to pursue one’s goals in life. I help clients establish their goals in life, both short and long-term, determine their assets and liabilities, and evaluate their current financial position. With the use of financial planning software, I create a "Personal Financial Plan" for each client, which provides them a tangible financial strategy with action steps to help guide them along the path and see their progress as they pursue their goals. 


Insurance is an important part of a complete financial plan. It protects clients’ heirs in the event of their death, and it can be self completing in the event of disability, meaning benefits may become available if one were to become totally disabled. I can help clients determine what type of coverage is best for them and have access to a wide array of insurance products, including term life, whole life, universal life, variable life, survivorship, single premium, long-term care, and long-term disability insurance. I can also help clients understand their options for health insurance within the Affordable Care Act, as well as Medicare supplements and prescription drug plan solutions.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a critical element of one’s financial strategy. My retirement income planning process includes analyzing income sources, managing assets, determining future expenses, and identifying estate planning goals. My process pulls all these together into one plan of action. Beyond developing a retirement strategy, I can offer clients advice and education on other complex financial elements of retirement.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is critical for ensuring your wishes are carried out. Without a plan, the state will handle your assets according to probate laws and taxes can quickly add up. I can assist individuals with their estate planning needs, including offering insight and appropriate recommendations. I can also help them identify how they want to pass on their assets, who will receive what, and when and how.

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