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Social Security

Most people have questions when exploring their Social Security benefits such as:

  • Will Social Security be there for me?
  • How much can I expect to receive?
  • When should I apply for Social Security?
  • How can I maximize my benefits?
  • Will Social Security be enough to live on in retirement?

Social Security is far more complicated than most people realize.  The decisions you make now can have a tremendous impact on the total amount of benefits you stand to receive over your lifetime.

Schedule an appointment today to explore:

  • 5 factors to consider when deciding when to apply for benefits
  • When it makes sense to delay benefits – and when it does not
  • How you can check your earnings statement for accuracy
  • How to estimate your benefits
  • How to coordinate benefits with your spouse
  • How to minimize taxes on your benefits
  • How to coordinate your benefits with your other sources of retirement income

I can analyze your current situation & provide you a Customized Social Security Analysis.

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